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Every Chopper enthusiast have heard of the Harley Davidson Knucklehead Engine. In 1936 Harley Davidson launched the Knuckle Head Engines. It is one out of a series of 6 v-twin engines. The other Harley Engines are:

- Flathead
- Panhead
- Shovelhead
- Evolution
- Twin Cam 88

The Harley Davidson Knucklehead is a little bit different form the other Engines.
The Knuckle Head Engine has a Chrome Head and a great powerful look. Because of this powerful and shiny look the Knucklehead is very popular among Chopper enthusiasts. The combination of the Harley Davidson name and the performance of the Knucklehead Engine makes the Knucklehead Motorcycles better then the other from that time. Nowadays the Knucklehead Engines are very popular for restoration or building a chopper from scratch.

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